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Being empowered can mean so many things.  What I do is to explore the myriad ways that men can effectively and positively be part of their children's lives.  From pregnancy to the birthing process and parenthood to finding a new identity as a father, being empowered during those processes means everything from having access to information (you've found a good place to start with this site) to having someone to coach you through all of it (you've also found me).  I'm here to help with all the stages and changes in becoming the best father and partner you can be. Ok, so I'm not helping with the conception part, but everything after that is fair game!  

While this site and my work does focus heavily on the roles of fathers, don't let that put you off.  Everyone is welcome here. A large part of what fathers can do is listen, and I hope that everyone interested in sharing their thoughts will feel they have a safe place to do so at Empowered Papa.  It's important that we listen to our partners, our children, professionals, experts, and everyone that has something positive to contribute.  It's important that we feel safe to ask questions. For all the fathers and fathers to be out there, our roles are always changing.  And here is where we can learn from each other as we enter the birth of the modern of the father.