3 Questions That Empower Your Birth Choices

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Let’s face it: being part of the birthing revolution is not about being a passenger. You gotta decide, people! Seriously, you have to decide to do things or not do things or do them, but at the right time, or not do them and tell people, or not do them and not tell people. Eesh. Pick a topic, any topic. Circumcision, epidural, lotus birth, placenta encapsulation, co-sleeping, vegetarianism, breastfeeding, blood work, disease screening, ultrasound, family around, at home, in the hospital, birthing center or ocean. In order to make a difference, we must be mindful of our decisions because people are gonna ask. Being strong in your conviction means having thought it out. Follow this simple 3-Question path that will lead you right to confidence.

1. Does this choice feel right in my gut? [yes or no]

2. Does this choice increase my connection to myself, my partner, my baby, etc.? [yes or no]

3. Does this choice support the wellbeing of my baby and myself? [yes or no]

No one can choose for you when you choose for yourself.

2 Responses to "3 Questions That Empower Your Birth Choices"
  1. Gloria Lemay says:

    Thanks for linking to that sagacious  mama site for info for parents on keeping boys intact.  I loved this Quote 

    “When an American physician says that circumcision prevents
    UTI or cancer of the penis, he is sincere. But, it is like a medieval Chinese
    physician saying that foot binding prevents flat feet. If someone asks me,
    “What rate of preventable UTI would justify male circumcision?” I respond by
    asking, “What rate of preventable UTI would justify female circumcision?” The
    second question is patently absurd unless one’s cultural bias allows a
    sympathetic view of female circumcision. Therefore, the first question can be
    only slightly less absurd.”


    ~ Martin S. Altschul MD


    • josephvalley says:

      Hey you bet, Gloria. Thanks for your inspiration here…it was just the other day I was thinking we should bring foot binding back. I mean, did we really look at the possible benefits?

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