Dear Parker,

I just got back from a jog. The wind in my face and sun in my eyes fired me up. Check this out:

WARNING: this is borrrring numbers craaaap
Let’s say I make a epically awesome book that literally makes you cry. Like all masculine cry. In a totally amazing way. Ok, it’s awesome. We’ve got that figured out. OK, so 50 people buy the book immediately just because they’ve been following along for this journey and they’d do anything for me, and because they generally are curious what this whole thing is going to look like. Boom: 50 books sold. 
Then there’s the 200 doulas and midwives that don’t buy the book right away, yet tell their clients about it. Maybe I print a neat little thing in bulk and mail it to the 200 birth pros to give to their clients. Maybe it’s a quick ‘5 things you can do’ kind of thing with a book blurb. Let’s say there are 60 of these 200 birth professionals that actually continue telling their dad clients about the book, which results in 2 book sales per birth pro for 12 months after book launch. That’s 120 books. 
Let’s throw in some wild cards: one person buys 20 books just to keep them on hand. Who knows. Stranger things have happened. Then we get 12 purchases from people who typed something into google and landed on Empowered Papa. That’s 32 wild card sales.  
This is a grand total of 202 books sold in the first year, which is two years away when you consider the writing project may take a year.  
With a full color book done up really nicely, let’s say we sell the book at $30 and we make a $15 profit per book. This is a total of $3,030, which doesn’t include the cost of printing up and sending out the little flyer things ($400), the typeface for the book ($250), and whatever miscellaneous expenses add up like food for my new pet snow leopard ($840).
That’s a take home of $1,490. BALLER. Dude. We’re going to the Bahamas. 
Great. Now what? Get rid of the snow leopard? But I love him.
I am thinking there there are some options for a bright, colorful parachute for this Empowered Papa book to hang on for a minute before reaching Earth. Maybe there is a person out there who knows a crap-ton of boutique book shops, or there’s a person out there who has a group of people like my email list of 305 fabulous people, or maybe there’s a person out there who literally specializes in distributing books. These are the things I don’t know about and want to know more; the google maps in my brain is still loading in the details.
I am curious about your thoughts. Especially about the snow leopard. He’s so cute. Really. You should see him eat. It’s like, whoa – I might be in trouble here in the next 20-40 lbs of growth. 

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Joe Valley      Empowered Papa

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