The Challenge of Using the Word “Empowered”

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For this official “Empowered Birth Week” special post, I have pondered long and hard about the word empowered and how I have come to work with it in my developments. The word “empowered” can be a lively word with vitality and strength, and it can also be a heavily laden and subjective value judgment. Who […]

Diapers for the Unborn

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My friend and I are making a stash of diapers. The other day, my dad called while we were working on them. ‘I can’t talk right now, because I’m making diapers,’ I told him. ‘Why? Who are you making diapers for?’ See, my dad knows my friend and I have nearly 3 year-olds who haven’t worn diapers for a while now. ‘For babies that aren’t born yet,’ I said…