Feel better about your family. Get that peaceful satisfaction that you are parenting with style and grace. Be that parent you always wanted growing up; it’s what being a parent today is all about. My clients are all doing this right now, and they are feeling better about it. I used to do psychotherapy, but that’s so old-school. I’ll leave my tweed jacket at home and you put down your limiting beliefs telling you that you’re not enough. We’ll meet in a productive space and hash it out. You deserve it.

It’s possible.

I have a masters degree in counseling and am a National Certified Counselor #254608 (USA) and have worked extensively with Developmental Delay, Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, personality disorders, Postpartum Depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury. I did this all in a traditional therapeutic setting with insurance and the whole nine yards, however, I have left that old world behind to embrace a modern approach to actualizing abundance in life.

We’ll call it consultation.

Nothing fancy here to get support. Email me joe@empoweredpapa.com -or-  Call if you’d like: (720) 539-4909