5 Reasons Why Gena Kirby’s Rebozo Class is Amazing

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I had the pleasure of presenting my 3 Keys of Effortless Communication with Dads to Gena Kirby’s Chicago Rebozo class, and what a treat it was, another reminder of how much I adore working with doulas. There was this moment when I said to them, “It’s likely that you got into being a doula because it creates a way for you to connect deeply with others during their most vulnerable moments and to support them in ways that will resonate throughout life, which means to you that you are able to love and to be loved.” A doula from the back started clapping; the words resonated.


After discussion about concerns dads may have about birth, their underlying needs, and how doulas are prime to help dads with it all, I handed the baton to Gena, and holy amazeballs; this is what happened:

We all went on an emotional journey through the cosmos, birth, and back again.

Crying isn’t always a clear indication that you are moving deep stuff around, yet I suspect the tears welling up in nearly every person in the room came from such deep movement. Gena has that special ability to feel an emotion so fully that it transfers it to anyone around her. Amazing performers have this talent, don’t they? We experience it when we go to a musical performance and recognize it when the performance is over and the lights come on; for the last two hours you’ve completely forgotten that anything else in the world exists.

And so that’s what happened yesterday. Here are 5 Reasons Why Gena’s Rebozo Class Amazed Me:

1. The dad’s role in birth can be integrated in a physical way with the Rebozo wrap, which provides a very tangible way of connecting deeply and emotionally.

2. The Rebozo allows the dad to offer strong physical support coming from his core. What this means to a dad is that he can sustain his support longer because he’s working smarter not harder.

3. Birth is a spiritual and physical experience, no doubt. Gena paints this picture with her description of brain states and quantum mechanics.

4. Gena’s class works on many different levels: she presents the material visually with a white board, she speaks it, she demonstrates it, and then she has everyone else do it. As a therapist who has assessed learning abilities, I’ve got to say that Gena’s class hits all the important aspects for how we learn. By the time we all had put the rebozo in our hands and supported our partner in class, we had fully assimilated the technique.

5. Gena’s class is strong reminder of the passion growing in this modern, gentle birth movement. Everyone in that room yesterday bathed together in a ritual cleansing of the soul. We laughed. We cried. We died. We were reborn. I’ll remember this class and it will stay with me for a long, long time.

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Joe Valley Teaching It Up


Teaching 3 Keys of Effortless Communication with Dads

Core strength is so important in birth support! Rebozo provides a way to increase strength and ability to sustain it.

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