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Be Powerful Birth Partners

It was on July 20, 2012 that I spoke at DONA’s conference in Cancun on the ways doulas can help dads be powerful birth partners. In this session, we reviewed specific strategies for connecting with aloof or seemingly disinterested dads in order to bring the best possible support to the moms. More and more we are finding that doulas and other birth workers are wanting to know how better to connect with their male clients, and the reason why I think this is happening is because dads are getting themselves more involved and are asking their birth pros what to do. Never before in the modern world of birth have dads been so involved as they are now, and the empowered birth community is stepping up.

What you will hear in this recording is the first 15 minutes of my hour and a half session. You’ll hear me go over the beginnings of Empowered Papa and how my wife, Andrea, and I came to create it.


If you’d like to hear the full session, then you can purchase it from DONA International’s Conference recording list. Just scroll down until you find the session “Ways Doulas Can Help Dads by Joe Valley.”

Let’s dig in deeper.

I teach a class called Dad Certified where you, the birth professional, learn techniques for navigating the kinds complex emotions and needs that arise for clients in the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum times. We explore ways to support a dad in the way he needs so that his motivation to support his pregnant partner is always going up. Learn more here.

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