Joe Valley at The Farm

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It was an amazing time opening up for Gena Kirby’s Rebozo workshop on The Farm. 

Rebozo Love at The Farm

I could include some pictures, and then we could pretty much leave it there. Yet, I want to share with you what I learned by participating in this epic event. So, here it goes:

Hold on to each other. It’ll be easier with our forces combined.

Sometimes we struggle to move forward on our own, and that’s when our friends can make all the difference in theworld. How great was it for you when you were struggling to move forward, and then one of your friends scooped you up and gave you the inspiration you needed to carry on?

The Rebozo is a fabulous metaphor of how we hold each other, support each other. If you are new to the Rebozo, then I’ll quickly say that it is a piece of fabric that you can use to wrap around someone to help support her weight, massage her muscles, or create a calming effect. Yet, the essence runs deeper than our muscles.

The beautiful midwives and doulas attending this event demonstrated a strong value of supporting each other, and this value manifested in several ways that impressed upon me the power of collective strength.

Once, during the weekend, a doula became sad about specific interactions that had transpired, which prompted her friends to consider the ways in which they could truly support her. I watched as each doula considered their sad friend, and empathized with her experience. As it turned out, we each got to share how we valued each other, and what resulted was a warm bath of empathy that soaked everyone to the bone.

I encountered another value of support when a birth photographer named Kalli Pavon described how she was creating a network of birth photographers in her area. While this seems like a counter intuitive practice for competition,the reality of her efforts is that the entire birth community in her area stands to gain from a growing network of photographers to choose from, which, in turn, will be more likely to hire a photographer. See her pictures below with thewatermark, Kalimana.

Is this making sense? Do you see how coming together as a community can serve you? Do you see how allowing your friends to lift you up can be like medicine for your soul? Do you want to see what the Rebozo Workshop looked like? Watch Kalli’s video here. Do you want to host a Rebozo Workshop in your area? Find out more.

My hour-long presentation to open up her Rebozo class was a blast. My goal was to help the midwives and doulas solve these problems:

1) Dads aren’t getting involved or they’re withholding their support
2) An expectant couple is arguing
3) An expectant couple has drama with you
4) There is resistance of any kind

Here’s what I named the presentation:

The solution for any of the problems listed above can be found with increased motivation to move forward with sustainable collaboration.

That’s fancy talk for: when we feel good, we get along better.

Here’s what I am setting out to do:

Highlight the skills I learned in my Masters Degree in Community Counseling, and share them with birth professionals so that they can help their families find the inspiration to move forward.

If this is sounding interesting to you, then sign up to attend a live webinar where we will dive deep into the world of counseling and come up with real solutions to improve harmony.

Thanks for being involved and supporting each other. I continue to be inspired by what you do. As for the rest of the email, enjoy pictures from The Farm.

Love and gratitude to you all. Keep going, the world needs you.

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