Hello there!

If you are reading this, then you have just been working with Joanne Ameya Cohen and her 6-Week course: Loving Motherhood. I am going to keep this short and sweet here. The idea is to share enough information with you so that you know how to get the best value.

You can have a 30 minute session with me as part of your 6-Week course with Joanne. In this 30-minute session, you are welcome to bring your partner along, and I’ll work to focus on your needs as a couple. I couldn’t be more of an advocate for preparing for the postpartum time. My wife, Andrea, and I, had a rough go with our first child, and the postpartum time seemed like it was going to kill us. Even though I am a trained psychotherapist, I still missed the signs that we were really suffering from postpartum depression. I think that when we are so depleted, no matter who we are, the negative symptoms pop out.

My job is to help you as a couple get on the same page in preparation for this time so that you can swing with it in style. There is so much precious beauty in the postpartum time and so much can be gained from this highly vulnerable time. I have never been more open in my life than during the postpartum time, and it’s possible you will find new parts of yourself you never knew were there.

That’s it for now. If you’d like to collect your 30-minute session with me, the next step you can take is contacting me. Send me an email: joe [at] empoweredpapa [dot] com

Or just call/text me: 720-539-4909. We’ll set up a time to meet via phone or skype.

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