Become an Empowered Papa Childbirth Educator


Make a difference in the lives of the dads who are motivated to be part of pregnancy and birth by learning how to organize and teach childbirth education geared for them. This class is for Dad Certified™ childbirth professionals, which includes counselors, doulas, midwives, & childbirth educators.


Strong Teacher

When you have a look at the Really Strong Dude class and think about bringing that kind of resource to your community, do you see yourself teaching the class?

This class is meant to get you prepared to teach the class yourself. You’ll get the materials and information I use when I teach it.

The first place to start is in getting Dad Certified. Once you’ve taken that class, then you can apply to take this class to become a certified Empowered Papa childbirth educator. Click here to start your application process: Apply to Become Certified Empowered Papa Childbirth Educator

Here is what we’ll go over together in the class:

  1. How to focus on Dad’s feelings and needs
  2. How to use empathy with Dads in the teaching setting
  3. How to use sensitivity regarding the spectrum of birth choices
  4. How to navigate some heavy hitting topics: birth rape, circumcision, and being railroaded for unwanted interventions
  5. How to specifically address birth choices relating to the medical model & Midwifery model of care
  6. How to review the constellation of choices available: cord clamping, cord burning, cord cutting, placenta encapsulation, pain management, rebozo, epidural, exercise ball, movement, waterbirth, darkness, sound, space, doulas, essential oils, rescue remedy, natural gatorade, food in labor, presence and use of rubber gloves, photography, midwifes, obstetricians, intact penises, postpartum care, 30 days lying in, breastfeeding, relational stress, and family dynamics

You will receive:

  • Relevant handouts and help using them for working with dads (List of Concerns/Underlying Needs)
  • Empowered Papa logos and pictures to be used in marketing your classes: “How to be a Really Strong Dude and show up for your lady,” and/or “Empowered Papa Childbirth Education.”
  • Email and community support for when you are setting up your own classes
  • Your own page on Empowered Papa displaying your credentials for teaching
  • 3 hours of continuing education credit through ICEA


Classes are on two and a half hours (2.5hrs) on Skype and may or may not have additional participants. You are welcome to bring someone to class who will be involved with your classes.


Anything you share in class will be held confidential by me. Group classes are limited, however, because I cannot ensure how other class members will hold your words confidential.


Class is $250 for 2.5 hours of live teaching (via Skype). Class is not a recorded class.


Certification is good for one year. Take any Empowered Papa class to renew your certification or re-take the Dad Certified class for $35.

Becoming an Empowered Papa Childbirth Educator means that you are ready to go out into the world teaching Empowered Papa classes.



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