There has been a Rebozo buzz this year. It started as a small murmur and it has grown into a roar born from the flaming passion of doulas and midwives across the world. What has materialized is a growing knowledge of techniques to use with expectant parents. Furthermore, the Rebozo has brought with it a tangible metaphor of how a birth team collaborates. Rebozo techniques give the dad a way to use his hands in a powerful way for his partner. He works smarter with the Rebozo, which becomes his invitation to be involved in the birth of his child.

Dad and Rebozo Fun

Doulas love the rebozo because it is the tool in their birth bag that creates an event. It brings intimacy, fun, strength, and inspiration. The Rebozo has also brought a clinical level of support for moving babies and relieving pressure during key birthing moments.

Intimacy with the Rebozo

The Rebozo is alive right now because it is developing in the minds of birth professionals and being used in creative ways everyday. There is no finite collection of techniques written in a book somewhere. Furthermore, not one person carries all the information about it. It is a living tradition that is passed on from one woman to the next, who then, in turn, shares it with the people in her world. Dads included.