Evolution of Empowerment

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Modern  fatherhood is perceived to have been transformed in the past few decades; its status is no longer that of withering helplessness and complacency, but instead has bloomed into a state of active involvement and education. Fathers are taking more active roles in childbirth. According to The Fatherhood Institute, 93% of all fathers attend the birth of the child, which thankfully means no more passing back and forth smoking nervously in the waiting room for modern fathers. Fathers have come a long way from those days and there is still progress to be made, however it is important to remember that fathers have always played a role in the childbirth process. Fathers, back in the early days of man, went to great lengths to protect their children. How do we know? Simply because if they hadn’t, their altruistic nature would not have been passed on to the next generation and that behavior would have been mostly breed out of the human race. This means that in order for us as human beings to have survived and have a capacity for selfless caring for our children and others, our fathers had to have possessed those vital traits in the first place.

Imagine that there were two hundred people on earth (yes this will be a very small scale analogy) and that half were selfish and the other half were altruistic, meaning that they cared about other people and not just themselves. Now let’s say that both groups of one hundred people procreated and each set of parents had four children. The selfish fatherswould be neglectful of the mother and their children so perhaps only two of the four children would live. Whereas the altruistic fathers would take care of their children and because of all of that devoted attention, perhaps all four children would live. This pattern would repeat generation after generation until there were many altruistic people and very few selfish people. Altruism in males has survival value and has been passed on to nearly every man alive today.

Every man has the capacity to be the caring, loving, and active father that their children need because they inherited those traits. Fathers have always had roles in birth; it began so that their infants could survive. Over time the fathers involvement became less vital to the infants mortality so fathers backed off from active involvement. However, we are beginning to experience a renaissance of active fatherhood where dads are trying harder than they ever have before to be the best dads they can be, both for the child’s sake as well as the mother’s. By becoming more educated, more supportive, and more involved, we are witnessing the birth of the modern father. This new modern father, who was born with the genes necessary to be a nurturing parent, is doing everything he can for the child. As this evolution of fatherhood progresses, we are likely to experience a golden age where fathers are the providers, nurturers, partners, and role models for their children that they have always been destined to become.

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