21 Steps for Placenta Encapsulation

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Be of good mind and cheer. Delegate if you have an attitude of yuck. Start this process right after the birth.


Large bowl

double pot boiler


cutting board

cookie sheet


mortar and pestle

Lidded Jar

Little tiny spoon – tiny enough to assist in the filling of capsules





Lemongrass – a couple stalks

Ginger: fresh – a couple inches

Fresh Chilies – small handful


*don’t take when body is fighting infection. Mastitis is intensified by taking capsules of placenta. Refrain from taking in evening — it may keep you up. Capsules are good up to a year if stored dry in a freezer.

Placenta in large bowl -- cord attached

Placenta in large bowl -- cord attached

1. Have placenta in a bowl for transportation from mother to kitchen.

2. Gently wash off excess blood.

Tree of Life

3. Cut off the cord – tough isn’t it?!

Cord Removed

4. Pour an inch of water into double pot boiler and bring water to a boil.

5. Add lemongrass, chilies, and ginger.

6. Place the placenta in the double pot boiler.

Placenta steaming in double boiler


7. Be amazed at the experience.


8. Watch for 10 to 15 minutes as it steams.

9. Flip placenta over and steam for another 10 to 15 minutes. Lounge. Deflate birth pool.

Putza helped deflate the birth pool with her claws.

Birth Pool Deflating Time

10. Stop steaming when the blood is cooked out of the placenta: Find this by sticking a fork in it. If blood comes out, then keep steaming. If blood does not come out, then stop steaming.

11. Place placenta on a clean cutting board.

12. Cut the placenta into 2 wide centimeter strips.

13. Place placenta strips onto cookie sheet.

14. Start your oven on a very, very low setting. We are dehydrating here, not cooking.

15. Place placenta strips on cookie sheet into hotish oven. Gaze at sleeping newborn.

Sleeping Newborn

16. Wait all day until strips are brittle. Check on resting mama and baby.

Baby and Mama

17. Test by crushing a piece in mortar and pestle. If it can be smashed into dust, then they are ready. Thicker pieces may need to cook longer until they are ready to be crushed into powder.

Dried Placenta Strips

More Dried Placenta Strips

18. Crush all placenta strips into powder with mortar and pestle.

Mortar and Pestle

Placenta Powder

19. Transfer into jar.

Placenta Powder in Jar

20. Use little tiny spoon to fill capsules with placenta powder – or scoop placenta powder with both sides of capsule and fit together. Use those amazing fine motor skills of yours.

21. Place capsules into fridge.




Further questions and research: Placenta Love and Emma Kwasnica.








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  1. jonny says:

    I’m preparing to do this for my wife, do you know which size of capsules you used?

    • Joe Valley says:

      At the time, we were vegan…ironically…so I purchased the only vegan capsules available at Whole Foods. I do not recall the size.

      Have fun!

  2. Obyanugwom says:

    so what do you do with the capsule and what is the rtionel for all this

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