5 Reasons Why Daddy is so Important During Birth

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After humming and hahhing about how to write this post, I have examined my belief that an empowered and confident dad brings value to the birth process. After all, birth is women’s business. Here are five reasons why I believe a man needs to involve himself with the birth of his child.

1. A study done by University of Missouri researchers found that Men who are engaged with childbirth education and birth process have better health outcomes for mama and baby.

2. In the hospital setting, hospitals are legally bound to listen to the requests of their birthing clients. A composed and compelling dad can advocate for the birth plan and make the difference between a failed breastfeeding attempt and the establishment of a satisfactory breastfeeding relationship.

3. Many women report how much they gained from having their birth partner present through the birth time even if it looked like he didn’t do much else than sitting or standing. The constant emotional support can be strongly felt and much appreciated when the dad is confident and composed.

4. Dads who are engaged in the birth process set the stage for strong family bonds.

5. Dads who are positively engaged in the birth process experience higher relationship satisfaction.


If you agree with men being involved in the birth process, what benefits do you see or have seen in your life? 

7 Responses to "5 Reasons Why Daddy is so Important During Birth"
  1. Eleonora says:

    One of the benefit is a new level of intimacy between the couple. A deep sense of bonding that the newborn is able to feel. Just wonderful!

  2. MammyDoula says:

    When I see the Dads fully engaged in the birthing process, hanging their egos up at the door and going forward when she needs him, stepping back when she doesn’t… it makes my heart smile.

    Great post Papa.

  3. Chavelamomela says:

    While I agree that a supportive dad can be an unbelievable asset for a birthing woman, I will not agree that every dad should be there. During the 60’s and 70’s, the birth movement was pushing strongly to allow men into the birthing women as support for their wives. The pendulum has started to swing the other way – Dr. Marsden Wagner, a huge proponant of natural birth has specifically published articles why he thinks (most) men do NOT belong in the delivery room, b/c when the man “folds” and sees his wife in pain, he and the OB sometimes “gang up” on the birthing woman to accept interventions. “Dr., my wife is in pain, DO SOMETHING!” becomes the the standard approach, while doing nothing is often much better for the woman than intervening in the natural process.

    Of course, classes like the Bradley Method and other active birthing classes that view the husband or partner as a vital role to the success of a natural birth also gives the tools to men to empower themselves and properly support and advocate for their wives during birth. Such classes are not as well-known and men aren’t typically taught this approach.

    That being said, I had an amazing, supportive DH who kept me supported and calm during both my non-interventionist hospital birth and then my 2nd birth, which was at home.

  4. Catherine says:

    “Confident” and “composed”, ah, yes. Not a state many men can reach at that time!

  5. Anne says:

    Many men are confident and composed much of the time. Men, like women, who learn the how and why behind different physiological stages and emotions in labor AND how to support their partners –most likely from classes, now that families are geographically separated and very few people have a chance to view normal births– are valiant and proud participants in the process. The bonding that occurs between man and woman–not to mention the bond among mother, father and baby– is one of the strongest forces in the world. I could not have given birth to my first of two children without the loving, consistent, constant support of my husband, and our relationship has soared to new heights–I have true awe for him and for all of the husbands I’ve seen supporting their wives in labor. Men are valiant and amazing!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I am so impressed with your offering! I am honored to share! Thank you for all of your “work”!!! With much gratitude… : D

  7. Dad’s being involved in the birth process should be a “no brainer”. I loved having my Husband with me the whole time while I gave birth to my son, and he loved being there. He wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I gave birth 20 years ago, at a birthing center. Started out as a water birth, but the water was too soothing and I actually didn’t have any pain through out the whole experience. It was a great experience for us BOTH. I wound up delivering on a bed leaning against my Husband as he supported me from behind. It was amazing! Plus he was always so involved in every aspect of caring for our son from the first minutes on. I love the message you are putting out there. I look forward to more.

    Linda Armstrong
    Thought Empowerment Coach

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