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Chairs in the Sky

It is with great excitement that I announce Empowered Papa and the whole family is packing up and moving to Australia. We expect to arrive there in August of this year; the land where Andrea and I met nine years ago while we were both studying photography. I was a study-abroad student from an American college. She was a full time student pursuing a degree in photojournalism. And it was love at first sight.

I remember that moment in the computer lab. Andrea was sitting cross-legged in her chair and spun around in the very moment my chair spun towards her. Our eyes met and wham! I went home that day and proclaimed to my fellow flat mates that I had just met my wife. Not long after, we spent a lovely day lounging in the city park in the warm Aussie sun. “It’s been nice falling in love with you,” I said to her as she dropped me off at my student flat later that night. She smiled at me and held me tight like we were being reunited from another lifetime. The air was warm even though the sun had gone to bed.

Almost exactly nine years later, we now make a decision to move back to Brisbane. As my German friend, Bernhard, says we are “Traveling back in time while moving forward.” We return to Australia with the very cat we took with us when we left Australia. Putza will be relieved to return to year round warm weather. We also return to Australia with our son, Sacha, and a baby girl glimmer in our eyes. You think she’ll have an accent?

Have you made a big move with your young family? What was it like for you? What did you expect? How did it go?


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  1. Raul Colon says:

    Good luck on making a move… I most be an awesome experience! 

  2. Tara says:

    Hey Joe!

    I’m so excited to hear that your coming to Aus! We have just sold up everything and decided to live our dream life of traveling Australia full- time so no doubt we will meet in person very soon!

    Such a great adventure you will have… may massive changes in order for you to move forward!

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