Ina May Gaskin, We Salute You

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Ina May Gaskin, We Salute You

 Ina May Gaskin embodies most expertly the notion of love, and she continually surprises us of what is possible if we serve one another.

I first heard of Ina May when Andrea was pregnant with Sacha in 2008, and it was the book, Spiritual Midwifery, that had stood out. Yet, it wasn’t until this year when we were moving that I picked up the book out of a cardboard moving box and began reading it with absolute amazement. Her energy blasted me and grabbed me all at once. Her authority and confidence inspired me to turn those pages and turn those pages until I realized that she had completely portrayed the exact vibration present at Sacha’s birth. Wouldn’t you say that Ina May gets it?

In appreciation for her life of service, I share with you my gratitude for Ina May.

Please, like the fb page recently created for her to show your support, too.

How did you first hear of Ina May?

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  1. Love her too! I had heard of Ina May Gaskin, but only recently read Birth Matters – and loved it – within a couple of weeks of watching Face of Birth, in which she is interviewed (along with a number of amazing and interesting women and men). Super salute!

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