The Other Side of the Glass

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The picture you see on the left is a dad talking about his experience of spending the first few moments of his child’s life with a layer of glass separating them. We watch him tell his story as his heart breaks all over again. This heart wrenching story is one of many included in Janel Mirendah’s movie, “The Other Side of the Glass.”

Janel is a masters level counselor, cranio sacral therapist, and filmaker who is currently making this birth movie for dads that goes there to the dark realities of medical model birth practices. The sense of immediacy I got while watching the trailer to this movie  was strong – the need to continue my work empowering dads seems ever more important.

In my interview with Janel, she talks about  the baby’s experience during birth, and asks, “Why does our culture ignore the period of brain development that’s in the hospital?” She goes on to say, “You have to get that our early brain was developing, experiencing and that it’s preverbal [when we’re born],” and  so the problems in our lives that we just can’t name or figure it out are likely birth traumas working their way out. She says, “We are in a continuum of brain development from the moment we enter the body. The body is alive and it’s always in development.”

You can contact Janel at She is running workshops that focus on healing birth trauma, and you can find out more at Integrative Body Therapy, where she and Judith Lee Cohen facilitate weekend group workshops.




4 Responses to "The Other Side of the Glass"
  1. Thank you so much Empowered Papa Joe. That was great to talk with you. I appreciate it so much and looking forward to doing another one about how we can integrate our birthing experience.

    Here’s a link to my KickStarter fundraiser going on through April 8th!! Thanks again. Look forward to a long, rich relationship supporting men/fathers to heal.

    Much love,

    • Joe says:

      Love you Janel. Love your work, too. Our conversation has brought me to the edge of my own man-ness and what it means for me to be a son and a father. Here’s to more of us talking!

  2. Tiffanyhmassage says:

    Is there any way you could post the footage of the interview?

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